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Imagine RIT 2010

This weekend was the third annual Imagine RIT festival. There was a record breaking 32,000 attendees and I feel like every one of those walked by our booth and asked us to explain retaliator. Unfortunately, Thomas’s pedestrian tracking algorithm wasn’t developed enough to track in real time by the time of the festival, so I threw together my first attempt at video processing. The end result was a turret that would track and fire at motion!

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Project work weekend.

We had another project work weekend. For me, this really involved juggling the four projects I’m working on, and trying to help people out with theirs. Overall it was a real good success, with the user center being full to bursting.

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It’s just a small project I’m helping out on, but I recently put together the controller board for an automated etch-a-sketch for Imagine RIT.  The actuating devices are two stepper motors with 1.8 degree steps, coupled onto the shafts the knobs were press fit to.  To drive the motors, two quad darlington arrays (ULN2067B) are connected to output pins of a microcontroller (Just using an arduino because we have one lying around.) A simple program interprets num-pad directions, and moves the motors accordingly.

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