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Mig Welding

I recently decided to indulge myself and bought a mig welder on clearance for 170 bucks at sears. After welding a few pieces together, I decided to build a little statue, modeled after Pintsize.

Still need to find a head for him..


Project work weekend.

We had another project work weekend. For me, this really involved juggling the four projects I’m working on, and trying to help people out with theirs. Overall it was a real good success, with the user center being full to bursting.

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Robots build day

Despite not having my camera, we did have a build day last Saturday.  It was supposed to be more of a catch up day to get everyone with a working gearbox/chassis/motorcontroller set so they could start working on the fun part. Because of the pain involved in motor controller soldering, the only group to make it through the day with a working motor was Zach and Jake. Hopefully by next weekend, several other groups will be ready to add sensors to their robot and start exploring robotics.

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Seminar Post mortem

The first seminar for the robotics competition was today. It turned out pretty well. I talked at my slides a lot to give people some background, but I tried to keep it pretty hands on. We had someone from almost every team at least.. A few people were a bit hung over or forgot about it.

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Seminar presentation

Here is my presentation on an introduction to the Arduino, along with several activities to get started with robotics. This is the presentation that will be used in my seminar on Sunday.

Motor Driver using 1/2 L298n

IR transmission from uC

Monday night I got code running on the same microcontroller to successfully emit the modulated signal and trigger the LED as hooked up before. However, trying to strictly time the length of the pulses was really difficult because the receiving interrupt kept messing up the timing. I was using delay functions for simplicity in a main loop, rather than running an additional timer interrupt, which would have been the correct way to do it.
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Crispy IR beacon.

As a background, I’ve been working on a Robotics competition to teach the softies from CSH how to do a little bit of hardware and low level programming. The competition is to gather several ping pong balls located throughout a small field, and return them to a base. Whichever team has the most balls in their base (or on the way to their base) wins.

To increase the action a little bit, it needs to be very obvious where the ping pong balls and base are to the inexperienced hardware builder. Considering I’m fronting the cost for organization, it also needed to be cheap. The easiest solution seems to be IR.
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