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Balancing Robot

So, I haven’t posted here forever, but I’ve been meaning to add what I’ve been up to.

The latest project I have been working on was for an abomination of an SE class called “Performance Real-time and embedded systems” Sounds interesting, right? Nah. It was really bad, but we’ll not get into that. Anyway, for the term project Crawford and I wanted to make some kind of physical system controlled by a control system. We ended up trying to build a “balancing robot.”

I say try because we had a lot of wrenches thrown in. The first problem was that we had to use the PC/104 stack x86 boxes that were used in the class, meaning that this project couldn’t actually be “embedded.” We ended up piping sensor and control data over a ribbon cable and ran the code remotely. Motor current running through the same ribbon cable ended up messing up a lot of the measurements.

Also, a more fundamental flaw with our project was we were trying to do it with just a single accelerometer and no gyro. This made the task pretty impossible, as the noise from the motors accelerating would cause sensor readings to run away. We did a decent job considering what we were trying to do, but it didn’t end up

Anyway, I really enjoyed working on the project so I have moved the code over to a teensy microcontroller and got a nice digital gyroscope to try to make a better control scheme for it.  Here is the source code. I haven’t spent much time tuning it, but I can get it to balance without falling over for a good 20-30 seconds. I pretty much just need to add in the wheel encoders so I can make it stay in a single position and I should be pretty well off. After that, I’d like to add remote control to the device so I can drive the platform around by changing the position and rotation setpoint, but we’ll see if I have enough time in the next few months.


Splashes in the pond: Why Randall Munroe is cooler than you.

When I got to work this morning, I dutifully read my RSS feeds. XKCD today was an article about Miegakure. I, like so many others, had no idea what that was, and decided to google it. After watching some cool gameplay, I scrolled through some other results. At the bottom of the page, I noticed a chart:

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